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We have significant capacities for the production of both serial products and products for individual orders. All of our products are exemplary of the highest quality and technical excellence.

Control cabinets and power distribution

We assemble control cabinets and power distribution in accordance with IEC standards (IEC). We provide Assembly of cabinets according to the schemes and design developed by our specialists, either provided by the customer. Cabinets can be of any complexity and configuration. All components are only by foreign production.

Registration systems

We produce various accounting systems. From the simplest, as accounting products and the number of packages passing through the conveyor, to powerful data acquisition systems from production lines and machines with the ability to analyze data and further transfer to the top-level systems. Weight measuring complexes of our production can also be part of the accounting system.

Transportation system

The transportation system allows you to manage the distribution of flows on the conveyor line. The line can consist of many areas with many intersections. The system provides the transportation of cargo to the desired point using a different logic. By the bar code, according to certain algorithms with the memory path, to the systems of machine vision. We propose to integrate the system with existing lines or install new conveyor supplied by us. We also produce distribution center.

Valve assemblies

We produce valve assemblies and manifolds for the distribution of fluid flows. It can be either groups of of anti- mixing valves and racks of the butterfly valves with the function of flushing. We equip valve assemblies with control cabinets, with already connected pneumatics and signals from position sensors, which are easily integrated with existing control systems.

Pumping groups

Our pumping groups can be of different configurations and capacities. All groups are equipped with control cabinets for easy integration into the ACS of an existing installation or independent operation.

Capacitive equipment

We produce various capacitive equipment. It can be a mixer 15M3 with a platform and an integrated mixer, or a container with a volume of 100M3 with a heating jacket and integrated temperature and level sensors.

Pasteurizers and sterilizers

Our subdivision Fluid Tech is engaged in the production of flow pasteurizers and sterilizers. Our machines provide the maximum accuracy of maintaining PE and temperature. Their high level of build quality and automation corresponds to the best European analogues.

Mixers and carbonizers

Our subdivision Fluid Tech is engaged in the production of mixers and carbonizers. Our machines provide the maximum accuracy of maintaining the ratio and all the necessary settings. A high level of automation provides this mode. Our machines have different capacities to conform your needs.

Water treatment system

We are engaged in the production of water treatment systems. We can offer all the known types of water treatment: method of flocculation, filtration, descaling, ion exchange, ultra and nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, and UV disinfection.

Cleaning in place - CIP

Cleaning in place equipment is required to process modern industries. We produce SIPS of different capacities, with different number of contours and the volume of containers, with different amounts of wash environments depending on your needs. High level of automation ensures the accuracy of dosing in the preparation of solutions, and also provides a minimum dilution in their submission and return during circulation.