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Electrics, pneumatics, automatics

The development of buildings and distribution systems very often has rigid time limits, a limitation in financing.

It is true for all fields of activity from construction engineering and electrical engineering to industrial automation. The customer usually has high demands - an individual solution, a short production cycle, high-quality documentation, etc.

We understand that it is necessary to improve the quality of processes by changing the structure of the information exchange processes, while developing the product.

In our work we use EPLAN Software.

EPLAN engineering solutions based on analysis of existing IT and engineering systems, including all related processes with special attention to all tasks spectrum of software solutions.

EPLAN Software gives us the following advantages:

  • Full exchange of information between systems and processes

  • Centralized data storage

  • Exclusion data duplication

  • Interdisciplinary interaction and the ability to design in parallel mode

  • Increase the productivity of the design process through complex integration into the EPLAN platform

  • Reduce time and error in the design process with a single database and automatically track changes

  • Clear, complete and consistent documentation allows to speed up the commissioning procedure and installation services

  • Issue of documentation in accordance with the standards of the Russian Federation and other countries