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LLC "TVENCO" provides training of your staff in various areas and programs. When delivering our equipment, we always conduct basic training with the customer's specialists. Operators, technologists, electricians and mechanics of the plant personnel are trained on all the machine functions necessary for its normal operation. We offer extended training in various programs related to the daily operation of equipment. As a result, you get employees who are able to solve various tasks that could not previously be solved by your staff.

Main directions of training:


  • PLC programming and configuration
  • Programming and configuring visualization systems

  • Creation of automated control system

  • Industrial networks


  • Electrical schematics
  • Technological schemes

  • Pneumatics and hydraulics

Organization of operation and repair of equipment

List of possible courses

Training for operators

At these seminars, your employees will acquire all the knowledge necessary for self-management of existing equipment. After the training, the participants are sure to solve all the problems related to the operation of the machine.

Training in electrical equipment and automation

Special seminars for electricians and electronics engineers are designed to transfer a specialized knowledge of the electrical equipment - this is an ideal base for a purposeful and quick elimination of failures! The progress from the electrician to the automation expert is answered by the trainings from the series "Automation and IT solutions". These trainings will make your employees valuable professionals!

Training in the organization of operation and maintenance of equipment

High productivity and minimal downtime - are the results of effective maintenance. With the help of what preventive measures it is possible to achieve this goal, you will learn at the trainings on current repair.

You can also order training courses for yourself, even if you did not purchase our equipment. Our specialists can study the operation of your equipment and lines at your request. Next, we can train your staff to work with this equipment.