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Installation of equipment

Installation works

Offering complex supplies of equipment, our company is ready to perform its installation in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality. Starting from the arrangement of equipment in places and the supply of technological media according to the plan and technological schemes, to the stage of commissioning. It does not matter even though our company delivers the equipment or you have purchased it yourself, we will do all the work qualitatively and in time.

All of our employees and employees of our contractors have extensive experience and all necessary certificates and attestation documents for implementation of installation works.

Priority for installation is safety and quality. We are ready to provide a two-year warranty on all our work.

LLC "Tver Engineering Company" has all necessary permits for such activity.

List of works on installation

  • Installation of process environment;

  • Installation of pipelines of stainless and carbon steel of any diameter;

  • Installation of boiler plants, refrigeration, carbon dioxide, air compressor stations;

  • Installation of treatment facilities;

  • Installation of water treatment equipment and pipelines;

  • Installation of metalware platforms and overpasses for installation of equipment and laying of pipelines;

  • Dismantling of equipment for the purpose of transfer or disposal;

  • Welding service;

  • Insulation works of pipelines and equipment;

  • Commissioning works

List of specialists

Our company has necessary specialists and resources to carry out installation work. Depending on the needs, we are ready to provide the following list of employees to our facilities:

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Welders

  • Fitters, assemblers

  • Specialists in loading-unloading, arrangement of equipment

  • Erector-assembler

  • Supervisors, installation supervisors

  • Coordinators for storage of equipment and materials

  • Work coordination

Our experts always have tidy appearance and friendly attitude to all participants of the process.

And the engineers and supervisors speak English for the convenience of joint work with specialists of foreign suppliers and contractors.

In our facilities, we pre-assemble equipment and components to minimize installation time at the object and to ensure its maximum quality.