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Modernization of equipment and control systems

LLC "Tver Engineering Company" offers services on complex modernization of technological equipment, offers services for complex modernization of technological equipment, installations and control systems for own production and other suppliers. We divide the modernization into several groups:

  • Modernization of outdated equipment due to wear and lack of necessary components on the market for replacement and maintenance;

  • Modernization of the control system, to improve production efficiency. For example, transfer of operation from semi-manual to fully automatic control or increase the accuracy of exposure process parameters;

  • Modernization of the existing automated control system for the preparation of data exchange with top-level systems ERP, MRP. Installation of ERP/MRP;

  • Modernization of equipment and control systems for the purpose of modifying the technological process;

  • Modernization of the control system because the present control system is unsatisfactory quality, a large number of downtime caused by the functioning of the system, the quality of the nodes and execution, the unsuitable for diagnosis, the refusal of the supplier to service the existing system and provide the service on favorable terms (response time, cost of service, etc.) or a complete lack of service.

  • Equipping. Associated with the decision to increase the capacity of the installation, or equipping an existing installation with an option that allows expanding the product line, etc.

Of course, the customer may have another reason for upgrading and equipping existing equipment. Our company is ready to offer in this case various solutions and conditions for the implementation of this task.

Сarrying out the modernization, we offer flexible conditions for the implementation of the project. We understand that this task must be done in such a way as to minimize the production downtime caused by the installation work and during the start-up assault. We work through the entire project, the steps algorithms and the work plan as clearly as possible to avoid risks of downtime and possible breakdown of existing equipment due to incorrect steps.

Our suppliers and we are constantly improving our products, depending on changes in market needs and on the progress of development in this or that industry. We try to offer our Customers the most fresh and modern solutions based on current needs and budget. Over time, needs can change, so upgrading and retrofitting the equipment we supply is part of our service throughout the life cycle of equipment and systems.

Examples of possible modernization

  • Replacement of the old Siemens S5 controller by modern and more powerful Siemens S7 with the preservation of the system functionality, or with its improvement;
  • Modernization of the control cabinet. Replacement of the relay and individual regulators with the controller, replacement of the key control station with the operator panel;

  • Installation of frequency converters on pumps or motors. Adding logic to the control system of the ACS;

  • Installation of a system for the collection and recording of production data;

  • Modernization of the transportation system. Retrofitting with additional conveyors, flow distributors. Monitoring of positioning and congestion;

  • Replacement of the mixer in the BSU installation for more efficient;

  • Installation of level sensors-sonar on the storage capacity and integration into the control system;

  • Replacement of manual valves and valves for automatic and seamless integration with your existing management system or developing a new system;

  • And much more.