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Electrical works

Our specialists and contractors can carry out electrical work of any complexity and volume. It can be the disconnection of signal cables in the control cabinet or the laying of power cables, to the construction of transformer substations. Installation of cable routes of any complexity and configuration in compliance with all norms and standards, is a guarantee of durability, reliability and material saving and reduction of electric losses, and competent engineering helps to achieve these indicators. We can offer you to completely mount and activate all of your company's electrical facilities within the framework of comprehensive supply of equipment, thereby ensuring the optimum power consumption and functionality. It can also be a transformer substation, or the high-power uninterrupted power sources, providing work and safety electronics equipment in terms of power outages, which is important in cold season or in a storm.

All our employees have extensive experience, all necessary certificates and attestation documents for the performance of electrical work.

Priority in the performance of these works is safety and quality. At all our facilities, we use only the best and quality materials and components, so we are ready to provide a two-year warranty on all our works.

LLC «Tver Engineering Company» has all necessary permits for such activity.

List of electrical installation works:

  • Equipment selection;

  • Electrical installation of technological equipment and control systems of technological processes;

  • Installation of electrical equipment;

  • Installation of transformer substations and power distribution systems;

  • Installation of cable lines;

  • Cabling;

  • Installation of electrical cabinets;

  • The disconnection of electrical and instrumentation equipment;

  • Testing of machines and units (commissioning);

  • Work on lighting and electrical supply of premises.

List of specialists

Our company has necessary specialists and resources to carry out electrical works. Depending on the needs, we are ready to provide the following list of employees to our facilities:

  • Electrical engineers

  • Instrumentation engineers

  • Electronic engineers

  • Locksmiths

  • Electrician

  • Supervisors, supervisors for electrical installation

Our experts always have tidy appearance and friendly attitude to all participants of the process.

All engineers and supervisors speak English for the convenience of working with specialists of foreign suppliers and contractors.

In our facilities we pre-assemble control cabinets and distribution, setting up and testing of equipment and components in order to maximally shorten the installation time for the facility and ensure its maximum quality.