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LLC "Tver Engineering Company” offers a full range of services for the construction and reconstruction of modern enterprises in general and equipment separately, as well as their further operation.

Our priority areas are water treatment, water-conditioning, construction of high-performance greenhouse complexes and recovery, stabilization and composting of biomass, and construction of plants for the production of renewable energy sources (biogas plants). In Russia, we are the exclusive representatives of the Italian concern IDRO Group (IDRO), which has 40 years of experience in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Despite the advancement of Italian technologies to the Russian market, we strive to maximize localization of production, the level of which now is about 70%.

We adhere to the most honest and open policy in dealing with Partners and Customers and strive to realize in our facilities the quality, safety and manufacturability peculiar to the best world analogues, at reasonable costs! That's why our slogan was chosen "Accessible Quality".

LLC TVENCO realizes its facilities in accordance with an ecological mission aimed at rational consumption of resources and the development of innovations in this area. Business engineering, aimed at transforming the world - is what we aspire to.